I love Jesus and write about Him and the things that matter to me.


Impressions, stories and thoughts from my time at BSSM in Redding, CA from 2018 to 2020.


Posts about faith, Jesus and all the other things that I don't know where else to put.

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Recently, someone told me that one of my most defining characteristics is friendship. And while there is more to that particular event, if anyone had said that about me 8 years ago, I would have laughed. Thomas has no friends is what I was told too many times. Back then, this statement wasn't true in its absolute form, but I was certainly not working to be a good friend – quite opposite, I'd put in a lot of effort to proof my lack of friends to be a superior trait.

18. May 2020
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3rd of October

Germany. Recently, God has told me a lot about you. Today we celebrate your unification. A country with a torn identity.

03. October 2019
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Responsive to Grace

This is about the greatest story, the one with the most surprising story arc. The story of a God who’s grace and righteousness realize the communion between Himself and all mankind.

01. October 2020
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Born Again

How can this be? The question sounds clumsy. Still, it’s from the mouth of a “teacher of teachers”, one highly educated and deeply immersed in the writings of his time. Nicodemus, that’s the name of the questioner, is an example to me, and hopefully us all – for not too often the answer to a simple question, through the twists and turns of history, somehow becomes part of my life’s foundation. And in the humor of this sacred literature, the answerer is none less than the answer himself.

28. August 2020
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